Curry Leaves Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses

Curry Leaves Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses

                       What are the benefits of Curry leaves ? Are there some disadvantages of eating Curry Leaves ? Or Can it be used as much as you want ? You must also have many such questions . Have you got the answer yet ? Or are you using similar Curry leaves from South Indian sambar to Panjabi Curry?

Curry Leaves Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses

                 Well let us tell you, Curry Leaves also have many medical properties,which are helpful in keeping your health healthy. With its use you can keep your hair and skin  nourished as well as your body remains fit from inside. So let's know about the health benefits of Curry leaves.

Botanical name of Curry Leaves : Murray's Koenigii 

Marathi and Hindi name of Curry leaves : करी पत्ता ,कड़ी पत्ता

Sanskrit name of Curry leaves : कृष्णा निंबा 

Preventive and Aesthetic properties : It destroys germs , provide relief from fever and heat , improves appetite , softens stool and relieves flatulence. Raw and soft Curry leaves are more valuable than ripe leaves. It is beneficial for eyes and hair. Roots and stems of Curry leaves plant are also have special significance in Ayurvedic use and treatment.

Health Benefits of Curry Leaves :

Know why to eat Curry leaves and it's benefits.

  • Helpful in Anemia

  • Good for Liver Health

  • Control Sugar level in blood

  • Lower the risk of Heart Disease

  • Healthy Digestive System

  • Beneficial in Diarrhea

  • Help to reduce Chemotherapy side effects

  • Remove Cough from Chest

  • Remove Skin Infection

Helpful in Anemia :

Curry Leaves Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses

                There is an abundance of iron and folic acid inside the Curry leaves. Anemia is not only the lack of blood in the body,but it is also related to the lack of proper absorption of blood in the body. Folic Acid is an essential element that helps in absorbing blood. If you are suffering from anemia then eat Curry leaves every day to overcome it. Since the blood absorbing elements inside Curry leaves contain both the Folic acid and Iron in very good amounts. For this reason, by consuming it you can overcome the lack of blood in your body.

Good for Liver Health :

Curry Leaves Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses

                   If you are used to consuming too much alcohol or eat too much spicy foods like chicken, fish, meat etc. Many times such  spicy food and alcohol affects the liver, So to protect your liver from any kind of damage make sure you can add Curry leaves in your daily diet.

                  According to research published in the Asian Journal of Pharmaceuticals, by including Curry leaves in your diet,you can keep your Liver away from Oxidative Stress of any kind. Not only this but also you can use it to flush out the Toxins from inside the Liver.

                     Combination of vitamins A and C presents in Curry leaves helps in correcting any Liver damage and helps to make it work properly.

How to use :-

                    Mix one cup curry leaf juice in one cup of desi ghee(clarified butter ),now add a half teaspoon sugar and pinch of black paper powder in the mixture and boil it well. Make sure to keep the gas flame low while boiling the mixture. After boiling the mixture, keep it aside to cool it down and drink this mixture when it is cool. The toxins inside your liver will come out and your liver will be able to do it's work properly.

Control Sugar level in blood :

Curry Leaves Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses

                     Consumption of Curry leaves on a regular basis keeps the level of sugar in the blood under control. Research published in the journal of Plant Food for Nutrition has revealed that if you consume curry leaves ,it does not increase the level of sugar in your blood and produces insulin properly. This keeps you away from the risk of disease like diabetes. The fiber inside the curry leaves plays an important role in controlling your sugar. By consuming this your digestive system does it's job properly,due to which you are saved from obesity responsible for type II diabetes

                  If you are a diabetic patient,then make sure that you have curry leaves in every diet. Apart from this, chewing the raw curry leaves on an empty stomach in the morning will help to keep your sugar under control.

Lower Heart Disease Risk :

Curry Leaves Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses

Curry leaves is a herbal medicine, which is enriched with Vitamin C, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Curry leaves have been used for a long time as an effective Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Apart from this, curry leaves also work to control cholesterol, which is very important to keep the heart healthy

Control of Cholesterol :-

The article mentioned above that curry leaves have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties along with vitamin C. At the same time, in a research done in this regard, experts found that the use of curry leaves proved helpful in reducing the amount of bad cholesterol from the body. happens               

Curry leaves to prevent infection :-

According to experts, antibiotic and antifungal properties are also found in certain nutrients found in curry leaf oil. The same properties found in it give beneficial results in reducing bacterial and fungal effects (8). Therefore it can be said that the benefits of curry leaves also include prevention of infection.

Beneficial for the skin :-

The use of curry leaves also proves to be very beneficial for the skin. It is believed that some such properties are found in the elements present in its oil, with the effect of which it helps in removing burns and bacterial infections. For this, it can be used by making a paste of its leaves.

Take special care of hair :-

According to experts, the nutrients found in curry leaf oil can also play an important role for hair. Applying curry leaf oil on the hair strengthens the hair roots. Its regular use helps in hair growth. At the same time, the benefits of curry leaves also include getting rid of the problem of gray hair.

Uses of Curry Leaves :-

How to Use Curry Leaves Including curry leaves in your regular diet can be used in many ways.

1. Use in food :-

  • Curry leaves are used as a spice while cooking food. It can be used to enhance the taste of vegetables, lentils, sambar rice and a variety of dishes.

  • You can also use it by making its chutney.

  • Fry it and also for food garnishing Can be used.

  •  Its juice can also be consumed for some special circumstances such as protection against a particular disease, but expert advice must be taken before using its juice.

2. Use for Hair

You can use it by making a paste for the health of hair.

  •  It can also be used by heating it with coconut oil.

  •  Curry leaves can be boiled in water and used for washing hair.

3. Use for Skin

  •  Its paste can be used to enhance the glow of the skin.

  • Boil it with water and use that water for bathing, by doing this skin related disorders (fungal infections) can be got rid of.

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